"The beautiful thing about Dave Gold’s approach to business and life is the way he combines the soul of a mystic with the energy, creativity and dynamism of a savvy entrepreneur. "

− Carter Phipps, Best Selling Author of Evolutionaries, Former Executive Editor, EnlightenNext Magazine

"The David Gold I met was a prime example of an exceptional human; mature, kind, intelligent, responsible, the kind of citizen our society and earth need so badly. May his number increase."

− Joseph Chilton Pearce, Best Selling Author, Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child

"Dave's insight is very unique, incorporating a balance of his traditional education and business experience, his entrepreneurial experience and understanding, and his spiritual presence. In all of his undertakings he is constantly trying to make the world a better place."

− Mike Pavia, CTO, Glori Energy, Houston Tx

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Confessions of a Recovering Spiritual Seeker

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For over 40 years, I strove and struggled and surrendered and (more than occasionally) suffered because I wanted to Know the Truth — more than anything else. Recently that ambition has been radically and blessedly transmuted into a love of and for the world (and just about everything and everyone in it) – the very same world that I had unrelentingly vowed and endeavored to transcend and escape. Now I sit perched on and peering down upon two worlds: four decades of rugged asceticism and bowed submission to two relentlessly demanding enlightened teachers who took no prisoners when it came…

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A good and trusted friend remarked to me the other day that I’ve lived a very radical life. I had just returned from walking the dog in a nice suburban neighborhood and was about to pick my daughter up from private school, so I wasn’t feeling particularly “radical” at the time. But as soon as he spoke the words I knew that they were true, as was his larger point, that whatever value I might have in and to the world would have to include and reflect the extreme choices I have made in search and service of Spirit. The…

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emaciated buddha, austerity


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Most of us equate “austerity” with renunciation and deprivation, and for most of his adult life, Dave did as well, practicing austerity in many forms. While undoubtedly “building character” and spiritual hunger, the limitations of this form of “austerity” only became apparent when Dave made the transition from “Seeker” to “Finder.” In this video, recorded spontaneously on Easter morning, Dave directly transmits the truth of austerity as the absence of anything that distracts us from fullness.

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